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Insulfrax® LT Blanket

The next generation of insulating wools

Insulfrax® LTX™ Blankets are the latest addition to the Insulfrax product family. Insulfrax LTX offers the same benefits as previous Insulfrax blankets, now with physical properties enhanced to improve both thermal performance and handling. These lightweight needled blankets combine innovative proprietary technology with Insulfrax proven performance to create the best low-biopersistent Insulfrax blanket available from Unifrax today. Insulfrax LTX blankets are manufactured from alkaline earth silicate (AES) wool, and provide effective solutions to a variety of thermal management challenges.

The new Insulfrax LTX products can help customers reduce costs. The enhanced LTX fibre performance helps companies reduce their energy costs and meet increasingly strict carbon emission targets, without increasing the amount of insulation required. Alternatively, customers can save on material costs by using less insulation to achieve the same performance as standard AES blankets. Customers can save money by reducing their lining thickness up to 25%, freeing up valuable space in furnaces and ovens.

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional insulating properties
  • High temperature stability (up to 1200°C)
  • Resistance to thermal shock
  • High tensile strength & resiliency
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Good acoustic properties