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ISOVER CLIMAVER® Pre-Insulated Ductwork System

Glass mineral wool duct boards

The CLIMAVER® system is a practical solution for HVAC installations. The system enhances the thermal and acoustic comfort of a building’s occupants whilst maximising energy efficiency. In short, it saves time, saves space and saves money.

The CLIMAVER ® pre-insulated ductwork system solution enables you to meet the thermal, acoustic and fire performance requirements stipulated by today’s stringent Building Regulations. Manufactured from glass mineral wool, the CLIMAVER ® insulated panels boast up to 80% recycled glass content.
CLIMAVER® is made from a high-density glass mineral wool board. The system is a more economical and more efficient alternative to conventional ‘sheet metal and insulation ductwork and will enable all thermal, fire and acoustic requirements to be met.

Features & Benefits

  • Class ‘O’fire rating
  • Precision-cut perfect joints
  • Low air leakage rates and pressure drops
  • Fast assembly and installation
  • Suitable for air speeds up to 18m/s and operating air pressure up to 800Pa
  • Adaptable to on-site design changes
  • Inherent vapour barrier and air tightness
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance
  • Low installed cost compared to metal systems
  • Greater productivity with on or off site fabrication, compared to traditional metal systems