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ISOVER U Protect Wired Mats 4.0 Alu 1 (Black)

High performance ULTIMATE Wired Mat for Fire Protection

ULTIMATE Protect is a new generation mineral wool that combines all the advantages of conventional thermal and acoustic insulation with increased fire protection. The ULTIMATE Protect Black Alu product range, also known as U Protect, consists of slabs and wired mats which offer up to two hours fire protection for both rectangular and circular ductwork systems.

U Protect solutions provide an easy to install and lightweight efficient solution for fire
resistance in HVAC to BS 476: Part 24 and EN1366-1. Fire classes from EI30 – EI120.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets BS 476: Part 24 for vent, smoke and kitchen extract and EN1366-1 for ventilation ductwork - Top level fire protection performance.
  • High levels of thermal performance - Achieves the same lambda value as traditional solutions but with a thinner lighter solution.
  • Up to 50% better sound absorption than stone wool products - Acoustic insulation at the highest level.
  • Up to 65% lighter than traditional stone wool systems - Easier to handle and install making installation quicker.
  • Only need glue at wall penetrations - Less glue required, faster installation.
  • No need for pre-fabrication - Cost savings as time to install is reduced.
  • High quality mineral wool - Easy to handle, cut and install. Minimal on-site waste.
  • Off cuts can be used - Minimising waste on site.