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Mortar Range (BR5/BR6/Rockset)

Range of air-setting refractory mortars.

AT CEMENT: Siliceous Mortar for jointing firebricks in normal oxidising conditions. Since this material has a very low alumina content it does not form a eutectic and cause the brick to melt.

ROCKSET: General purpose high strength Mortar for use up to 1600. Rockset is a grey/brown mortar containing Alumina.

BR5: Extra strong, high purity cement for super-duty firebrick and insulating brick. BR5 is white in colour.

BR6: Water retentive Mortar for insulating bricks and fibre blanket. BR6 is white in colour.

DRY ROCKSET: Dry version of Rockset.

DRY BR5: Dry version of BR5.