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Three-part laminate versatile and acoustic lagging.

Muftilag® is a three-part laminate, manufactured from shot free non-combustible glass mineral wool, which is quilted to eliminate de-lamination and fibre migration. A centre core of heavy polymeric or lead mass layer, which is then finished with a choice of either a Class O foil vapour barrier or a further layer of quilt. This strong and resilient product provides a cost-effective acoustic lagging, which is rot-proof, odourless, non-hydroscopic, and will not sustain vermin or encourage the growth of fungi or bacteria. Muftilag® is dimensionally stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity as well as being compatible with all surfaces on which this product is likely to be used, in normal applications.

Applications include, ducting vehicle engine compartment lining, complex jacketing of pumps and similar items of plant, fan jackets, removable pipe lagging, acoustic screens, ship and boat engine room insulation, offshore oil rig equipment, compressor and turbine insulation etc.