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ProRox PSM 971 ALU UK

Rigid slabs with factory machined grooves on the inside face.

ProRox PSM 971 ALU UK consists of rigid slabs with factory machined grooves on the inside face to specifically suit large pipe and vessel diameters. The distance between the grooves is calculated to ensure that ProRox PSM 971 ALUUK closely fits the pipe or vessel with all grooves tightly butted together. ProRox PSM 971 ALUUK is designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of large diameter pipes, ducts, chimneys and small vessels.

ProRox PSM 971 ALU UK conforms to EN 14303:2009+A1:2013. Thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installations. Factory made mineral wool products (MW). Specification and can be used to satisfy BS 5422: „Method for specifying thermal insulating materials for pipes, tanks, vessels, ductwork and equipment operating within the temperature range -40°C to +700°C”. They also comply with BP Engineering Standard 172 with regards to water repellency at higher temperatures.