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Pyrogel® HPS

Flexible Aerogel Insulation for Industrial Applications

Pyrogel® HPS is engineered to provide optimal thermal performance and value at service temperatures up to 650°C (1200°F). With its extremely low thermal conductivity, Pyrogel HPS is up to 75% thinner than competing insulation materials. This makes it ideal for installation in congested areas or near mechanical clashes, increasing both plant safety and efficiency. Reduced insulation thicknesses also supports faster, easier application—saving time and expense.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized thermal conductivity in high-temperature service
  • Faster application, especially on large-bore piping and vessels
  • Addresses tight, hard-to-insulate spaces with outstanding thermal efficiency
  • Flexible blanket material won’t crack, sag, or settle in high-temperature service
  • Stands up to vibration, footfalls, and tool strikes
  • Tough enough for reuse after removal and inspection
  • Hydrophobic and breathable, Pyrogel resists liquid water and avoids the damaging effects of wet insulation
  • Versatile format can be fitted to any piece of piping or equipment, greatly simplifying material management
  • Higher packing density reduces shipping and storage costs by up to 90%