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Pyrogel® XTE

High-Performance Aerogel Insulation for Industrial and Commercial Applications.

Pyrogel® XTE is a flexible, high-performance, aerogel blanket insulation designed for use in industrial and commercial applications. Pyrogel XTE is engineered to deliver superior thermal performance while offering excellent protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Hydrophobic and breathable, Pyrogel XTE ensures long-lasting water resistance for both the insulation layer and underlying asset; they remain drier for longer, preserving process conditions, and saving energy in the harshest of environments. These characteristics make Pyrogel XTE the “go-to” insulation for industry-leading CUI defense.

Features & Benefits

  • Best-in-class CUI protection
  • Hydrophobic and breathable, resists liquid water and avoids the damaging effects of wet insulation
  • Up to five-times better thermal performance versus competing materials
  • Faster application rates, especially on large-bore pipes and vessels
  • Tough enough to maintain thermal performance even after compression events
  • Versatile format can be cut to fit any piece of piping or equipment
  • Reduced logistics costs relative to rigid insulation—lower scrap, transport costs, and man hours on project and turnaround work
  • Durable format permits pre-insulation and reuse