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ROCKWOOL® Fire Barrier systems

Inhibiting the spread of fire & smoke in concealed spaces.

ROCKWOOL® Fire Barrier systems offer labour-saving solutions to prevent fire and smoke spread within roof and ceiling voids for all general conditions encountered on site.

The vertically hung Fire Barriers are capable of achieving both integrity and insulation protection periods from 15 to 120 minutes, and the friction fitted Fire Barrier Slab can also provide 60 minutes integrity and insulation. It is ROCKWOOL®’s essential insulation performance that limits the heat transfer through the barriers, preventing ignition of combustible materials in adjacent areas.

Available Products:

  • ½ hour Cavity Barrier
  • ½ hour
  • 1 hour Fire Barrier
  • 1½ hour Fire Barrier
  • 2 hour Fire Barrier
  • 1 hour Fire Barrier Slab