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ROCKWOOL® Fire Duct Slab

Single layer fire protection for rectangular, circular and oval ducts.

Fire Duct Systems (previously Conlit® Ductwork Systems) provide fire protection and thermal and acoustic insulation for circular and rectangular steel ductwork.

Three products are available in the Fire Duct

Systems range:

Fire Duct Slab – for rectangular ducts

Fire Duct Section – for circular ducts between 60 mm and 356 mm diameter

Fire Duct PSM – for circular ducts greater than 406 mm diameter

All three Fire Duct products are supplied faced on one side with reinforced aluminium foil.

Features & Benefits

  • Specified with confidence
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fully certified to BS 476–24 (duct types A and B)
  • ½, 1, 1½ and 2 hour fire protection for stability, integrity and insulation
  • Choice of fixing options
  • Single layer, enabling verification of system installation
  • Space efficient, non-brittle, strong and safe
  • Multi-role insulation: fire protection, acoustic and thermal
  • Can be installed on standard DW144/42 ductwork