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ROCKWOOL® Firepro® Insulated Fire Sleeves

Fire stopping of insulated pipe penetrations.

Insulated Fire Sleeves are a unique combination of stone wool and graphite intumescent. They provide all the ROCKWOOL® thermal, noise and fire benefits with an added intumescent effect.

Insulated Fire Sleeves are intended for use on copper, steel and most types of plastic pipes, trunking and conduits to provide up to 2 hours fire resistance.

Insulated Fire Sleeves can be used on numerous division types and under fire attack, expand both inwards to choke the plastic service penetration and also outwards to seal gaps between the sleeve and the surrounding construction.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick, simple and accurate installation
  • Maintains pipe insulation at penetration points
  • Supplied with integral vapour barrier
  • No mastic or ancillaries required
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation