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More cost-effective insulation system using FOAMGLAS® - Terostat®

Totally closed-cell, vapour-tight FOAMGLAS® can be a single-layer insulation system, which is a more costeffective solution. Vapour retarders, metal cladding, non-metallic cladding and all cladding-related operations (measurement, prefabrication) can be eliminated. The Terostat-PC factory pre-applied coating on FOAMGLAS® is a viable alternative to “traditional” systems.

FOAMGLAS® pipe insulation is itself an effective vapour barrier. For indoor applications the insulation can even be installed without the coating. The single-layer system prevents any displacement of the dew point; and optimal performance can be achieved with less insulation thickness. The FOAMGLAS® – Terostat® system is simpler, gives greater security, and minimizes field labour.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost Effective
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Easy to Install
  • Continuously Monitorable