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Ultra Universal Pipe Sleeve

Rrovides a cost effective fire stop for all plastic pipes.

Ultra Universal Pipe Sleeve is a unique product, eliminating the issue of condensation which could affect the thermal performance and also create corrosion under insulation. The pipe sleeve maintains the vapour layer of the thermal insulation. With Ultra Universal Pipe Sleeve there is no cut back required of the phenolic insulation as with historic methods to achieve the necessary level of fire resistance. Ultra Universal Pipe Sleeve’s scope of application includes all Plastic Pipes as well as Phenolic Insulated Pipes from OD sized up to 168mm and insulation thickness up to 40mm.

Its uniquely scored surface allows the product to wrap around pipes with ease, whilst the strip can also be ripped by hand without the need of a knife. The separate foil tape serves not only to direct the intumescent but also to bind the strip in a neat bundle.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a Fire Rating of : 2 hours, BS-EN 1366-3
  • Eliminates condensation and maintains vapour layer
  • One size fits all phenolic insulated pipework and plastic pipes
  • ‘No cut back’ of phenolic insulation is required
  • Unique scored sleeve, soft and easy installation
  • Cost effective
  • One sleeve can replace two collars
  • Solid and stable, even when fully expanded
  • Suitable for use with any ablative coated batt
  • Minimal waste
  • Environmentally friendly – halogen free