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Fire Protection

When specified correctly, fire protection materials preserve property and can save lives. With so many products available and so much at stake, getting expert advice on choosing the right product is vital.

SIG Fire Protection Specialists

The SIG Fire Protection Specialists are a national team able to offer expert advice for customers installing fire protection materials. SIG understand that fire protection can be a challenging and complex area of construction, which is why this dedicated team is on hand to assist customers with fire protection compliance.

Fire protection products and systems exist to reinstate fire performances, though it is crucial that the products selected are not only individually tested but tested together as part of an approved fire protection system.

Due to the complexity of fire protection, detailed information; such as scope of application or fire tests/assessment reports are required to allow robust product selection to complement all other construction systems and interfaces in each application.

Everyone in the fire protection package carries liability, therefore, products need to be, fit for purpose, tested and installed correctly by third party accredited companies where possible. SIG will work with you to ensure product compliance and recommend suitable third party accredited contractors for your project.

SIG Fire Protection Specialists

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