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At SIG Technical Insulation we pride ourselves on being a leading distributor in thermal insulation products. We offer thermal insulant solutions for industrial processes, including power generation, brewing and distilling, offshore and marine, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other specialist applications.

Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion under insulation can be due to many causes, but the most common factor is the presence of water in the insulation system, with the use of water absorbent materials a contributory factor.

Despite the best efforts of operators and contractors to find ways to seal insulation systems, it is almost impossible to keep water out. This can lead to many different oxidation problems, including:

  • Normal oxidation due to the presence of oxygen and water
  • Oxidation caused by deposition of salts due to evaporation on hot surfaces
  • Stress corrosion
  • Galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals

These problems cost the industry tens of millions of pounds in repairs and lost time each year, as well as raising serious health and safety issues.

SIG Technical Insulation, in exclusive partnership with Aspen Aerogels®, have a solution to the problem.

Cryogel® and Pyrogel® are new and innovative Aerogel insulation products that actively reduce the impact of water ingress. Click here for more details

Corrosion Under Insulation

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