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SIG Fire Protection Specialists attain FSIDip status

The specialist SIG fire protection service has been developed; with six members of the national team receiving an industry accredited Fire Stopping Inspection Diploma. The SIG team receiving the qualification is the largest and most experienced dedicated Fire Protection team working across the UK.

The SIG Fire Protection Specialists offer expert advice to customers installing fire protection materials, in what is a complex and challenging area, especially as now it is under increased scrutiny.

The six members of the team, Shaun Hugill, Lee Bentley, Aaron Gardiner, John Scott, and Dave Steel, as well as National Manager Nigel Gillingham, have all studied and received the Fire Stopping Inspection Diploma, recognised and accredited by The Institute of Fire Safety Managers and Institution of Fire Engineers.

Nigel Gillingham, National Manager, comments:

“SIG is committed to investing in our people to raise knowledge and consistently improve skills and available expertise. This has given us a proven level of competency, and we are the go-to people for all fire stopping and protection, with representation in every region of the UK.

“This diploma applies a different perspective for the Fire Stopping activities we undertake; on our responsibilities; the responsibilities others have for Fire Stopping; our responsibilities to be accurate in our understanding and our knowledge, and our communication in the high risk, high liability Fire Stopping arena.

“I am extremely proud of the team’s enthusiasm whilst undertaking this course, and proud that each member of the team passed with flying colours.”